Nagami, Pamela

Dr. Pamela Nagami is a practicing physician in internal medicine and infectious diseases with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group and a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at UCLA. She has made appearances on CNN and NPR. She lives with her husband and two children in Encino, California.


Bitten: The True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings


ISBN Number: 456789123

3.50 out of 5
2 reviews

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From ticks, ants, and flying bats to elephant seals, Komodo dragons, rhesus macaques, and deadliest of all, humans.

We’ve all been bitten. And we all have stories.
The bite attacks that Pamela Nagami, M.D., has chosen to write about in Bitten take place in big cities, small towns,

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3.50 out of 5

2 reviews for Bitten: The True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings

  1. 3 out of 5


    an interesting account of all the things that can bite you, sting you, and in the process cause you great pain…who knew that the sting of some snails can kill you…or that bacteria in the human mouth can cause serious infection in a bite…an interesting read, but not for the paranoid

  2. 4 out of 5


    Great subject matter, I just wasn’t crazy about the way she wrote it. It seemed a little scattered to me though it certainly wasn’t difficult reading. The best part was a firsthand account she gave from one of her own patients. I’m looking forward to reading her other books.

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