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Publibug offers a simple and easy to use system that allows you to self publish an e-book. You can become the successful writer you’ve dreamed of becoming without all the risks and expenses.

Send us a Word doc or PDF of your book, short story or life adventure

When using Publibug to help you self publish your e-book, no advanced technical knowledge is needed. Simply upload your book as a Word doc or PDF, or even re-upload a new version of your e-book to leep it new and insightful. We also provide the option to upload a front cover for your e-book. Ultimately this will increase your sales as it is appealing to customers.

Get your FREE ISBN number and we connect your book to your entire Social Network

Simply register and upload your book and a FREE and an ISBN number will be assigned to your book. upon registering, be sure to provide details about yourself and your Facebook and Twitter page URL’s so that customers can learn more about you as the Author of the e-book.

You receive 70% of Net Sales every month

Every month Publibug will send give you 70% of Net sales for all your e-books on Publibug, via PayPal ($).

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